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„Balkanize it!" was initiated in 2003 by Eva Ursprung (Graz/A) and Mihael Milunovic (Belgrade/SRB), in regard of the previous Balkan wars and the ongoing changes in a growing Europe. An international group of artists went from Austria on a „Balkan Tour" through Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Since then, the perception of the Balkans has changed again. 12 years later, some of these countries are part of the European Union, and all of them are stage of a completely different drama: at the risk of their life, millions of people escape the terror in their countries via the „Balkan Route“ to Europe, hoping for a new livelihood in safety and peace. But the same terror driving them from their homes, is splitting the democratic European society with fear and exclusion. Fences are built against people in need, human rights get endangered.

Where is the „Balkans“ now?
What is „Balkans“, what is „Europe“?
And what can we do to harmonize it?

Add new images, texts, sounds and videoclips to our map and help to get a new vision!

Kunsthaus Graz: Installation on site by Eva Ursprung, Sabine Maier and Doris Jauk-Hinz. Balkanize it!
Plateforme intermedia / La Fabrique: Installation on site by Eva Ursprung.
Steiermark Büro in Brüssel: Installation and Perforumance by Eva Ursprung


Graz 2003
Kunsthaus Graz