The Balkan Tour


Beograd – Sarajevo – Centinje – Ulcinj – Tirana – Ohrid – Skopje – Sofia – Beograd

7 austrian artists were introduced to the „real“ Balkans by Stevan Vukovic and Paula Miklosevic (Beograd) in April 2003:
Sule Attems, Doris Jauk-Hinz, Johanna Lettmayer, Sabine Maier, reas, Eva Ursprung, Ales Zemene

They collected real impressions to leave their traces on the route of the virtual map. This is the „core“ of the project, the meeting of the inner and the outside views, as well as the seed for many new contributions along the road. Please, join us on the virtual side of our tour and upload your very own „Balkans“!
Now, almost 10 years after – let´s see and compare!

07.04. Train station Graz
08.04. Belgrade, press conference
09.04. Sarajevo
10.04. Cetinje
11.04. Budva, Ulcinj
12.04. Tirana
13.04. Ohrid
14.04. Skopje
16.04. Sofija
18.04. Belgrade

Artists on Tour:
Sule Attems (visual artist; Istanbul/Vienna)
Doris Jauk-Hinz (visual artist, video, media art; Graz)
Johanna Lettmayer (art historian; Schrattenberg/Vienna)
Sabine Maier (video, photography, media artist; Vienna)
Paula Muhr (former: Miklosevic; photography; Belgrade/Berlin)
reas (musician; Graz)
Eva Ursprung (video, photography, media artist, musician; Graz)
Stevan Vukociv (art theory, curator; Belgrade)
Ales Zemene (netartist; Prague)

Artists on the page:
son:DA (sponsored by MKC Maribor)

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Many thanks to:
Reni Hofmüller,
MKC (Mladinski Kulturni Center) Maribor
Graz 2003
Kunsthaus Graz
Das Land Steiermark