*Balkanize : divide a territory into small states; create political confusion (Duden, PC Library)

Europe is growing together nowadays, but the borders to the „outside“, to the „other“ – which is mostly located in the East -, are becoming more and more rigid. The balkans, from the eyes of the „West“, is considered to be the „barbarian“, the chaotic, something dangerous, and something out of civilisation.
Is this right, or is it wrong?

What means the „balkans“ to you? What are your connotations, the images, that come to your mind if you imagine the „balkans“? What are your memories or experiences? And – if you come from the „balkans“ -, what is your reality, your life, your utopias, your own emotions and experiences?

Everybody is invited to put texts, visual or acoustic statements on this continuously growing webpage, which will form a new, interactive map of the mental balkans.
You can upload images, texts, sounds which are expressing your personal, subjective, individual view of the balkans, as well as facts or theories. Generate your own balkans.

Balkanize it!!!
Graz 2003
Kunsthaus Graz
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